BennyL is one of the best riders at this time. Take a look to the answers!

1)      Would you tell us your full name, approximate age if possible, place where you were born and raised...

            Ben Lewis 28 Liverpool UK

2)      Do you have a nickname? 

            Benny L

3)      Tell us about your initiation in BMX and what it means to you today

I started riding dirt jumps I found in my local park, I didn't know what bmx was I just tried to make as many shapes as possible. As time passed I found more jumps and travelled to them. Street was what I rode whilst waiting for trains until I realised it was what I really loved. Now it's all I care about!

4)      How would you define your style? Would you say something particularly carved it, like friends, hometown, age?

I think my hometown helped carve it as there's lots and lots of street, it has one of the biggest street scenes in the UK. But I was also heavily influenced by Don't Quit Your Day Job , Base Brooklyn and all the NYC/New Jersey riders

5)       What do you like best about BMX?

The ability to do anything you can imagine

6)      Tell us about your day ... from beginning to end! 

I wake up cruise into the city where I meet whoever is riding that day to grab a coffee, we work out where to ride an head there. Once we finish ridin we grab a few beers chill out until headin home. Occasionally add some yoga or swimming into the mix instead of beer!

7)       Do you do your daily routine alone? Someone in particular you would to train with?

I ride with Paul Ryan and Pete Sawyer pretty much every day

8)      How is your bike assembled? 

Low wide and responsive

9)      Favourite trick?


10)   Do you have any sponsors? 

Fit Bike Co, Etnies, Animal Bikes, The Source, DUB, Quintin

11)   We got information about your signature stem for FIT BIKE CO... Anything you can share with us about it?

It's really responsive thanks to the short reach, you can pump flat ground real easy to keep speed

12)  What is your opinion about 165mm cranks? And the new version of the classic FIT FAF tires?

 I love the 165s they help you spin faster and give me more peg clearance with my short back end. The new FAFs with the reflective strip are also real sweet as they look sweet and help cars see you in the dark!

13)  What is for you DUB BMX?

It's a group of mates havin a good time

14)  Would you like to come riding in Argentina? 

I would love to come to Argentina, the only footage I have ever seen is from the united team but it looks amazing. I need some good meat and beers !

15)  Top five of your favourites songs...

16)  Any final word of wisdom for amateur bikers like us?

Have fun with ya mates! That's all that matters in the end. Thanks a lot mate!

Twitter: @_BennyL
Instagram: @_bennyl