1) Would you tell us your full name, approximate age if possible, place where you were born and raised...

Brian Kachinsky, 29, born in Fort Knox, Kentucky and raised in the rather small town of Neenah, Wisconsin. I now live in Chicago, IL

2) Do you have a nickname?

I guess “BK” is really the only nickname I have

3) Tell us about your initiation in BMX and what it means to you today

I first started riding BMX when I was about 12 or 13 years old and never stopped! Today it means the same to me as when I started, having fun on bikes! It’s different now because I get to travel the world and ride much more than just my driveway. I’ve had more fun times on my bike than anything else I’ve ever done. I love it!

4) How would you define your style? Would you say something particularly carved it, like friends, hometown, age?

I’m not sure what my style is but I like to balance between tech and big. Both are fun but when you combine both of those it’s especially rewarding.

5) What made you go brakeless?

I wanted to do something different than what I had done before and it’s a good challenge. I also love how my bike feels without brakes, simple and solid. I miss some of the tricks I did with brakes though.

6) What do you like best about BMX?

My friends! I’ve made friends with some of the best people in the world because of BMX. That’s my favorite part for sure. I also like to be challenged and BMX gives me that everytime I get on my bike.

7) Besides BMX, do you have other sports that interest you so much?

I grew up playing all types of sports but hockey was the main sport growing up in Wisconsin. I still like BMX more than any other sport though.

8) Tell us about your day ... from beginning to end!

Everyday is different but on a perfect day I’ll ride bikes, hang out with friends, ride new spots and hopefully learn something new or at least have a lot of laughs doing whatever I’m doing. I try to never take life too seriously.

9) Do you do your daily routine alone? Someone in particular you would to train with?

That depends on who’s riding that day. Sometimes I ride by myself with headphones and other days I’ll ride with tons of people. Both are fun!

10) How is your bike assembled?

My bike is pretty simple and light. My DK Passport frame is the best bike I’ve ever ridden. It’s brakeless with a high front end and four pegs at the moment.

11) Do you have any sponsors? If so, who are they and how did you manage to get them?

Yes, DK, Etnies and Arnette are my main sponsors. I got them all at different times from doing well at contests and from having video parts and stuff like that. They are all awesome and I can’t thank them enough for how much they have helped me.

12) What can you tell us about your participation in the X Games 2010?

X Games was great! It’s crazy how good everyone is. On that particular day I managed to pull everything I tried and did well. It was fun but I wasn’t expecting to well, I just wanted to do what I had planned to do and it all worked out.

13) How are you coming along with the training for the X Games 17?

I have had some injuries since last years X Games but right now everything is going well. I don’t “train” for contests like that but I think riding almost everyday helps with doing well and feeling good on your bike. X games this year should be fun once again! I have a few new tricks that I’m excited about so we’ll see how it goes!

14) What is your opinion about this year's Simpel Session?

Simpel Session is one of my favorite contests. Riders from all over the world come to Estonia and it’s an honor to be in that contest. I did well this year and can’t wait until the next one!

15) We got informtaion about your new DK frame, Passport ... Anything you can share with us about it?

The Passport is basically my dream bike. Steep headtube, short back end, light weight, cool looking and simple. I couldn’t be happier with it.

16) When you are shooting a video clip, do you prefer to do one big trick or do you rather show many different ones?

I like to balance the two. The big tricks feel awesome but are also scary to do. I like to do a variety of tricks if I can and put them all together in one video.

17) What would you say is your favorite trick?

I really like toothpick grinds and barspins. I also like tailwhips and any other trick that was hard for me to learn.

18) Would you like to come riding in Argentina?

I would love to visit! I have met some really nice people from Argentina and I really like the food. I’m sure there are tons of great riders and cool places to see so I hope I get to visit some day.

19) Any final word of wisdom for amateur bikers like us?

My advice to any rider would be to have fun and be yourself. Don’t copy everyone else but also just have a good time and challenge yourself everytime you ride. That doesn’t mean you have to be doing the craziest trick but just do the tricks that look fun to you.

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Brian Kachinsky's 2011 Passport Promo from DK Bicycle Company on Vimeo.

DK Bicycles at Simpel Session 2011 from DK Bicycle Company on Vimeo.